On Demand Sessions

TEER Case Club Series
Experience Matters: When Complex is Easy

Chair: Mark Turner

  • Building procedural confidence in mitral TEER - Chris Malkin
  • When one clip is enough (tricuspid TEER) - Ee Ling Heng
  • Importance of partnership between imaging and implanter - Dominik Schlosshan

TAVI Case Club Series
Where it Started, How it's Going: Building Experience

Chair: Michael Mullen

  • Insights from a new Navitor implanter – Sayan Sen

  • Tips and tricks from an experienced Navitor implanter – Kamran Baig

  • Confession of the Navitor expert implanter – Rafal Dworakowski

SI Case Club Series
Transcatheter PDA Treatment in Complex Anatomy

Chair: Carles Bautista

  • Introduction – Carles Bautista

  • Echo complexity of PDA anatomy – Caroline Jones

  • Long PDAs – Demetris Taliotis

  • Complex PDA closure – Dan McLennan

  • Summary and close – Carles Bautista